Thursday, November 23, 2017

JuluOSDev - Comprehensive System Software Study Group

The discussion and official page of the club are on the Facebook: 

Before going to the U.S, I was the co-founder of the JuluOSDev clud, which focuses on discussion of so many different system software, FreeBSD, RTOS, Microckernel, Nanokernel, Exokernel, Virtualization and IoT systems. When I co-founded the JuluOSDev, there were only 7 members; however, after core members' effort, the group has been expanded to 700+ members now. It was the wonderful experience because we knew a lot of OS contributors in Taiwan via the talk invitations and knowledge sharing.

Although I am not the co-founder now, I still hope this group can keep expanding in order to leave the space for us to discussion about different system software instead of only major OS, Linux.