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Lab1-Part C -1/2: The Kernel (Taste of MM/Output)

[Preface] A Hope That My Crude Remarks May Draw Forth By Abler People

  • Something needed to know.
    • Examine before and after Paging Enable.
      1. brack at  movl %eas,%cr0 to check 0x00100000/0xf0100000
        • x/20h 0x100000
          0x100000:       0xb002  0x1bad  0x0000  0x0000  0x4ffe  0xe452  0xc766  0x72050
          x100010:       0x0004  0x3400  0xb812  0x0000  0x0011  0x220f  0x0fd8  0xc020
          0x100020:       0x010d  0x0100  0x0f80  0xc022
        • x/20h 0xf0100000
          0xf0100000:     0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
          0xf0100010:     0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
          0xf0100020:     0xffff  0xffff  0xffff  0xffff
      2. si then check again.
        • x/20h 0x100000
          0x100000:       0xb002  0x1bad  0x0000  0x0000  0x4ffe  0xe452  0xc766  0x7205
          0x100010:       0x0004  0x3400  0xb812  0x0000  0x0011  0x220f  0x0fd8  0xc020
          0x100020:       0x010d  0x0100  0x0f80  0xc022
        • x/20h 0xf0100000
          0x100000:       0xb002  0x1bad  0x0000  0x0000  0x4ffe  0xe452  0xc766  0x7205
          0x100010:       0x0004  0x3400  0xb812  0x0000  0x0011  0x220f  0x0fd8  0xc020
          0x100020:       0x010d  0x0100  0x0f80  0xc022  
      3. They are mapped.
    • Geuss where would be happaned, if mapping weren't in place by commenting out movl %eas,%cr0.
      • mov     $relocated, %eax
        jmp     *%eax #<---Here
      • Why?
        1. $relocate is addressed as 0xf0100025(by VMA:0xf0100000), but commenting out the line,enabling protected mode. It resulted in mapping failed.
          • No protected mode no mapping from 0xf010000c to 0x10000c(phy address) at view of entry address.
        2. By the way, above code could be executed because the bootloader directly move/copy/jmp in real address. (know details by the following discussion)
  • Discussion:
    • How did kernel execute its start address at 0x10000c?
      1. BIOS read disk's #0 sector(boot sector) and load them into ram:0x7C00 to execute
      2. bootload read disk's #1 sector and load them into ram:0x100000 to execute
        • dd command put kernel into #1 sector.
      3. bootloader jump to kernel's start entry address by ((void (*)(void)) (ELFHDR->e_entry))();
  • After Lesson:
    • What did kernel.asm do from 0x100000 to 0x10000c
      • .globl entry
      • entry:
      •         movw    $0x1234,0x472                   # warm boot                                         f0100000:       02 b0 ad 1b 00 00       add    0x1bad(%eax),%dh
      • f0100006:       00 00                   add    %al,(%eax)
      • f0100008:       fe 4f 52                decb   0x52(%edi)                                           f010000b:       e4 66                   in     $0x66,%al
      • f010000c <entry>:

    • Something needed to kow
      • Trace code to understand the following code's relateionship.
        • kern/printf.c
          • kernel internal API function 
        • lib/printfmt.c
          • Utility to format output used by Kernel/User mode
        • kern/console.c
          • Driver
      • Accomplish to print "%o" for octal.
        • 209                         num = getuint(&ap, lflag);
        • 210                         base = 8;
        • 211                         goto number;
    • Discussion:
      1. Interface between console.c and printf.c
        • Exported by inc/stdio.h
          • cputchar by printf.c
          • getchar;by readline.c
          • iscons ;by readline.c
        • Exported by inc/console.h
          • cons_init; by init.c
          • cons_getc;
          • kbd_intr
          • serial_intr
      2.  Roll up One Empty line.
      3. check arguments
        • cprintf
          • fmt=0xf0101a69 "x:%d,y:%d,z:%d\n"
          • ap=0xf010ffe4 ("\001")
          •  x/4w 0xf010ffe0
            0xf010ffe0:     0xf0101a69      0x00000001      0x00000003      0x00000004
          • push order: arg4(0x0000004) arg3 arg2 arg1(0xf0101a69)
            • pop order is the reverse.
        • cons_putc/va_arg/vcprintf
          1. order: vcprintf->va_arg->cons_putc
          2. vcprintf:
            • fmt=0xf0101a69 "x:%d,y:%d,z:%d\n"
            • ap=0xf010ffe4 ("\001"
          3. va_arg:
            • the next stack address to print
          4. cons_putc: 
            • the int type variable to be printed on Screen.
      4.  type translation and ASCII table
        • Output "He110 World"
        • 57616 (Decimal) = E110 (Hex)
        • 0x00646c72 
          • 0x72 :'r'
          • 0x6c :'l'
          • 0x64 :'d'
          • 0x00 :'\0'
        • Note: little endian printed.
      5.  cprintf("x=%d y=%d",3)
        •  y=%d in va_arg, it gets the next stack frame's value.
      6. reverse order.
      7. After Lesson:
        • Why is printfmt.c located in the separate lib directory?
      8. GitHub Link

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