Wednesday, April 12, 2017

[Systematical Case Study] Zephyr Inside Shell

Overview: File Usages

Whole Article:

Keywords: Interrupt, ISR, UART Driver, console driver, ISR, IDT, Callback.

This case study comprehensively surveys zephyr through understanding of shell’s internal implementation.  It includes shell functions, console driver, UART driver, ISR set-up, hardware configuration, system initialization, and related IDT mechansims.

To understand the interactivities between task, fiber, driver, interrupts and hardware, case study of Shell implementation is representative. It contains prompt, console driver, UART driver, and related hardware configurations. When I was programming the final assignment, due to my adoption of the Nanokernel, I must ensure that it is achievable to use shell, task, and fibers without related scheduling problems. Through examination of shell implementation, I understood how Zephyr works.